cleolinda: Getting Gorey with Alley Theatre’s ‘Dracula’ Edward Gorey—whose pen-and-ink drawings regularly mixed the macabre with the ridiculous—was the rare visual artist who forayed into theatre design, winning a Tony Award for his work on the 1977 Broadway production of Dracula, for which he designed the costumes and 30-foot-high set. Being Gorey fans themselves, the…

lbardugo: rhysans: character moodboards: wylan van eck “His old self had been scrubbed away, and Wylan wasn’t sure he knew the person who remained—the person who was standing in a private parlor in one of the Lid’s most luxurious gambling dens, caught up in another of Kaz Brekker’s schemes.” EXCERPT EDIT! WYLAN POV EDIT! 

lbardugo: dayskevin: sang woo kim as kaz brekker when everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing. this is marvelous. 

lbardugo: fictograph: Finished commission of Kaz Brekker from SIX OF CROWS by @lbardugo ! So eager for CROOKED KINGDOM! I think Grace outdid herself. And that COAT. 

lbardugo: space-coyote: Am I the only one who sees this? ahahahahahahaha

veraofvere: moodboard: there’s not enough pink in the world to cope with afterimage

frederica1995: Krad  Lanrete +Le Retentissement De Versailles+ JSK2 preview

ipomoeaj: adamazur: “Victorian Velociraptor with Violets.” Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur.  “MOTHER WHY HASN’T THE DUKE CALLED AGAIN?”

out-there-on-the-maroon: jonahryan: design-is-fine: Acquaintance cards, a variety of calling cards, 1870s-80s. USA. Via dangerousminds. More to see: Mays / flickr. They were used “by the less formal male in approaches to the less formal female.” “kissing rogue” i mean, same “who the devil are you” wow omg.