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lbardugo: black-hana: I finished Six of Crows a few days ago and it was AMAZING and I want to do many, many fanarts about it ❤ So here the first one, something really simple and relatively fast. Don’t have much time to draw recently x) Kaz – Six of Crows Well hellewww

maxvelocity: pills n potions

gameraboy: Japan, 1960. Kodachrome slides scanned by Electrospark.

daniellescampbell: East side tours 📸 @twoforyouglenncoco

k-elll: Kell never noticed the faint aromatic scent of Red London clinging to his clothes, but [..] 

idreamofaworldofcouture: Paintings by Eric Roux-Fontaine

lying-here-i-counting-hours: louisLOUISLouis💕

larents: But you got stars, they’re in your eyes